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WordPress 3.9 Released

Improved visual editing The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling. (Yeah, we’re talking about you, Microsoft Word.) Edit images easily With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now much easier […]

Designing for Emotion

Design is not an extra, it is not a project add on, it isn’t window dressing.  It isn’t unneeded page weight or erroneous server requests. Design is a part of every aspect of a project. Design is how a product works, how it looks, how it is interpreted, and how it is cherished.  It is […]

Keeping it Modular

Whether you are building your own blog or a site for a client it is important to remember to build things in a way that allow you to reuse your code.  This is otherwise known as the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself). While this principle has been common practice in the world of backend development, […]

Organizing Email

While it isn’t always glamorous, keeping your email organized can be crucial when you have to balance multiple clients. In some cases it may simply be trying to stay on top of customer support tickets or perhaps its keeping on top of new client communications.  Either way it can be easy to feel swamped at […]


These days we should all be doing more with SVG given how its much more widely supported (except for IE8). Ian Yates posted a great tutorial over on Nettuts about getting started creating your own SVG’s in Illustrator.  As someone who needs to do more in SVG himself I am going to fire up the […]

Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript

From a guest post over at CSS-Tricks.  Jack Doyle, author of the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP). Jack does a lot of work with animations in the browser and has discovered that the generic opinion that “CSS is faster” just isn’t true. It’s more than that, as well. I’ll let him explain. Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. […]

Mobile UX: Websites and Native Apps

A few years ago, as responsive design began to gain traction, I began hearing a somewhat divisive conversation that seemed to fall along whether mobile websites should mimic the same UI paradigms that were already popular in native mobile applications. I believe part of the debate was muddled by the types of content that sometimes […]

An oddly reductive position to hold.

A spot on analysis of the modern stance on why designers should know how to code.

iOS7: The toddler test

My son turns 3 this fall and ever since he has been able to move hehas been using our family iPad.  I have always been impressed with how well he navigates the device and seems to immediately know what button to push or slide to get to the application he wants. I have been developing […]

Choosing a CMS

I build websites for myself, but more often I am building them for someone else.  And generally I am building one for individuals who aren’t very technically savvy.  I like building compelling and innovative websites but I don’t want to manage the content for all of the sites I build.  I can’t frankly.  I can […]