The latest drama in the web community is whether or not CSS in JS is great, or here to destroy us all.

Raising our standards

We need to stop accepting sub par mobile user experiences on the web. We should expect our mobile experiences to feel more like native applications in 2019.

How to make the Apple TV 3D Button in HTML, CSS, and JS

A fun user interface element, buttons on the Apple TV take on a three dimensional effect to help the user.

Perfect is the enemy of the good

If you have worked on the visual design of a site long enough you have likely encountered the phase of the process where you no longer find the once new and inspired design appealing. The site is no longer “fresh” or “shiny” in your eyes and your motivation for completing it is waining.

Design, Style, and Opinions.

The following is a thought experiment I had about the nuances of web design and how we might focus our attention on the visual nature of the web to understand what is a style trend and what is truly great design. User experience is made up of many factors, and of those factors the visual […]

Varnish caching on a budget

No matter how you create and manage your website, performance is always a key part of your sites success. It is no surprise that a slow website is likely to turn away visitors particularly on an e-commerce site. Time is money and customers don’t want to use slow sites. So how do you know if your site […]

The Year of Frosted Glass

Yesterday’s skinned designs of faux leather stitching and dramatic drop shadows has given way to photo centric flat design.  And one facet of that new style trend is to use transparency.  However as many people come to realize, using a semi transparent color over a photo can often still be too messy visually to allow […]

Macaw In Practice

So after giving things a try with Macaw I can say that I am very impressed but also a bit disappointed at the same time. The Good Being able to work visually is how I often start brand new projects (commonly in photoshop) and being able to take that work and have it already be partially […]


Friends don’t let friends use front page.  Or at least that is the saying some of my fellow designers would always toss around.  The primary issue being the quality of code that front page (and even dreamweaver) would produce when using its WYSIWYG editor was awful. But those early editors did hit upon something that […]

Controlling the Medium

As a musician I will often find myself obsessing about the details in the music I listen to.  Everything from the types of music to what I am playing them through and at what volume.  Consuming any art form is an act in of itself that can alter the perception of the work.  Looking at a […]

Designing for Emotion

Design is not an extra, it is not a project add on, it isn’t window dressing.  It isn’t unneeded page weight or erroneous server requests. Design is a part of every aspect of a project. Design is how a product works, how it looks, how it is interpreted, and how it is cherished.  It is […]

Keeping it Modular

Whether you are building your own blog or a site for a client it is important to remember to build things in a way that allow you to reuse your code.  This is otherwise known as the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself). While this principle has been common practice in the world of backend development, […]

Mobile UX: Websites and Native Apps

A few years ago, as responsive design began to gain traction, I began hearing a somewhat divisive conversation that seemed to fall along whether mobile websites should mimic the same UI paradigms that were already popular in native mobile applications. I believe part of the debate was muddled by the types of content that sometimes […]